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Our Services

Thank you for your interest in our services. If you are interested in more information or pricing on any of our services you may call the phone numbers listed above or use our online contact form.


Fire Extinguishers

Make sure you are prepared for those first two critical minutes of a fire. Choose from a complete line of portable fire extinguishers.

We also provide mobile on-site service—We recharge fire extinguishers at your facility. Our Monthly Inspections and Annual Maintenance help keep you protected.

Emergency Lights

Your emergency lighting equipment is designed to provide illumination during power outages. Exit signs will also illuminate the paths of egress during an outage or fire emergency.

Keeping emergency lighting and exit signs in proper working condition are essential for a safe evacuation of your premises.

Fire Suppression

You will find fire suppression systems in restaurants, hotels and other food service kitchens along with industrial applications such as paint booths. We design, install and service these systems for kitchens of all sizes.

Fire Extinguisher Training

We provide important Fire Safety Training Demonstration Programs for industry, commerce and institutions. Each program is intended to deal directly with the inherent fire hazards to properties and people. The training is intended to provide for the "greater safety" and take into account life safety practices: recognition of specific types of fire; the effects of proper and improper use of fire extinguishers.







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